Fabulous 100

About us

The business is the web-based vision of business associates Denzil Roberts and Mike Fibbens both of whom have considerable knowledge of the leisure, entertainment and lifestyle concierge industries, and who have extensive personal networks of celebrity contacts.



Mike has gained an international reputation for promoting nightspots that have become known as must-visit places where the rich and famous hang out.  Prior to this he was a world record holding international swimmer and 3 times Olympian, during which time he acquired many international contacts.

Denzil is known in London as ‘Mr Fabulous’ and has organized many notable high society events, including:  film premieres, fashion weeks, big brand promotions, and nightclub launches.

The concierge business has evolved from individually taking advantage of personal contacts to making use of the Internet to automatically display site content and make reservations to elite events.  Fabulous 100 will be in a unique position to take advantage of this technology to raise  Lifestyle Management & Concierge services to a new level.