Fabulous 100

Lifestyle Management.

It’s very hard not to use the word ‘concierge’ to describe what we do.This has become the industry terminology for a few of the services we provide. It is however – so much more than that, & it’s in what we do differently that sets us apart. We provide a bespoke service to a small number of private clients, not hundreds.

Of course we provide a consummate & immediate service in the simple things; booking restaurants, clubs, parties & events. It is however in the more esoteric aspects that we excel.

We’ve partnered with specialist professions all over the world & it’s these partnerships & this level of access that allows us to provide our clients with a unique & inimitable service.

It’s all about access.


Our service is an elegant solution to lifestyle management. Nothing is proscribed – everything is uniquely generated for the individuals. We can draw upon personal contacts across many sectors & industries to open doors & usher in problem solving solutions.


We’ll turn your impulse into a reality.

For those busy individuals who often make plans last minute, we specialise in the location & acquisition of the rare, hard-to-get, sold out & otherwise unavailable items; be they last minute tickets, access to VIP events, or on the grander scale, the location of yachts & planes half way across the world.


We don’t cater to hundreds of clients, just a handful. This means you’ll have a personal relationship with us, and through us, & all of those specialists we’ve spent the last few years building partnerships with. We pride ourselves on this personal touch, which allows us to provide more tailored services, with better results -  faster than anyone else.

Examples of what we do:

Rare/sold-out item location.

Last minute access to high profile events.

Planning/sourcing/organisation and execution of any scale or complexity of travel/holiday.

Our strategic partnerships also allows us to completely manage the more serious aspects of your personal and business day to day. Such as; Personal security, wealth management, arts advisory, property sourcing, events/parties & celebrity bookings.