Fabulous 100


I have had the great pleasure of benefiting from the advice and support of Denzil and Fabulous 100 for the last six years. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say, no matter how great or small the challenge, Denzil has consistently delivered advice, support and solutions which have made my life infinitely easier and less stressful. His black book is legendary and his attention to detail and professionalism in the face of adversity a God send.

Thank you Denzil, from the bottom of my heart.

Mr Howard Walmsley 

Founder: Equilibrium | the Learning Company

 London | W14 8HA | United Kingdom


Denzil Roberts  and Fabulous 100 are a key component in the progression and success of both Shlepp Entertainment Ltd and Chinese Star Ayi Jihu.  Not only do they provide key support, consultation and expertise in all areas of our business, marketing and PR, They also facilitate us with all we need to get the job done.

On top of this Denzil styles and guides our Chinese star Ayi Jihu as well as being our liaison with the British fashion and entertainment press.  If something is going down Denzil and Fabulous 100 are usually in the thick of it and if we need to be in the thick of it, they make it happen.

I cannot recommend and endorse Denzil and Fabulous 100 highly enough.  If you want to be on the top end of things worldwide, know what is going on and have what is needed to make something happen or just be fully prepared wherever you go Fabulous 100 is an essential part of your business.

They truly live up to their name…. Fabulous!

 Stephen F Ellis BA, MA Hons

Founder and CEO Shlepp Entertainment Ltd

Saturday 11th Jan 2014

All I can say is Thank you to Denzil and Fabulous 100 for helping me to look fabulous and be fabulous whatever I do and wherever I go. Working with Denzil is a dream. Working with Fabulous 100 is like having 100 butlers at your side everywhere you go.  Everything you need is taken care of and they seem to just know everything. I don’t know what I would do without Denzil and Fabulous 100.  They help make me Ayi Jihu the Chinese star everyone is talking about.

Thanks Denzil, Thanks Fabulous 100.

Every girl needs Fabulous 100.

 Ayi Jihu