AVENUE bikes are the product of years of tradition and knowledge by the oldest family owned bicycle company in the world, Danish company – HF Christiansen AS

HF Christiansen AS began hand making Danish Bicycles in 1903 and have been busy perfecting their bikes within the high standards of the Danish bicycle market until now. With the 4th Generation of Christiansen’s now at the helm, the company is finally going international and well prepared to take their success global.


The AVENUE brand was founded in 1996, with the idea to create a luxury brand in the bicycle business.

In the first years of the brand’s history they made bikes with “regular” frame designs but added special features like front hubs with sealed bearings and special designed crank sets. But in 2001 the company had the idea to create a frame design that did not exist in the bicycle world. Until then only the carbon frames had the special 1 piece frame look but Flemming wanted to make it using an alloy material instead.

In 2001 HF Christiansen AS invested a lot of money in special moulds for tubes and to find a way to make the special “make-up” which they call “carbon-shell” – they succeeded in this with the amazing uniquely designed patented frame that they use today.

From 2002 and the years to come they had huge success in Denmark as the first real designer branded bicycle and over the years they have added new details to their design each year.

All the tubes today are made with their own moulds and almost all parts except the Shimano parts are their own moulds and designs.

They invest a lot of time and money into the special moulds to ensure they have a look that is different from all other brands.

Seat lug design with internal tightening is their own invention and they were the first brand to introduce the 4 by 4 spoking system for the wheel-sets. The special OPB (OnePieceBar) handlebar is also their own mould – they wanted to have a handlebar with the same smooth look as their frames to keep the same continuity of smooth lines and attention to detail in every aspect of the bikes design and make up.

All AVENUE bicycle frames are hand built so each one is unique – not 2 frames are 100% identical.  Every frame is hand polished and the “make-up” areas are made by humans so each frame will be unique but have the similar look.

For security every frame is also embossed with a unique number so it can always be traceable back to the owner.  AVENUE have also produced a range of accessories for their bikes in all the colours ranges so you can customise your bike to give you even more of a unique design.