Don’t let the wheel’s compact design fool you. The machines are packed full of incredible specifications. Each unit has inbuilt safety precautions to allow a smooth ride every time. If the user jumps off the unit, the wheel automatically cuts the power and will continually beep to let you know the gyro is no longer in action. Also, the AirWheel units are waterproof for use in the rain and are optimised for riders seeking a cutting edge transportation method. The units are quite literally like nothing else available. Welcome to the Future. When the unit has 10% battery left, the unit will continually beep to indicate the battery is low and for you to dismount. The unit will never cut out, even if you do not hear the beep. The unit will then gently lean back so the user safely steps off. Like an eco car, The AirWheel will put power back in the unit, when going down hill or slowing.