Fabulous 100


It has been an Ibizan institution since the '70s, located in an ever-expanding fortress just outside the main village towards San Antonio.

The club is home to a massive warehouse-style dance floor where top-shelf international DJs spin away the summer months for a sold-out weekend party scene. The main dance floor is surrounded by an upper-level VIP area as well a mid-level Go-Go alter that alternates between bikini-wearing disco mamas and nearly-nude dudes dressed in various theme costumes.

From there, several smaller bars like Brazilian-theme Coco Loco and terrace lounge offer less dance-orientated spaces, that allow a water and vodka-drinking patronage to regroup for a night that often lasts well past sunrise. Like many of Ibiza’s trademark dance venues, during off-season the club closes its doors and takes its dance madness to various satellite outposts throughout Europe and South America. Legendary Ibiza dance hall continues to lure summer revellers for all-night parties recently attended by celebritiens like Leonardo Di Caprio.