Fabulous 100


Asian Mediterranean food in a very funky and cool setting. Bambuddha Grove is a restaurant/bar/store/art gallery that somehow is able to combine this unique mixture into one Thai temple with Japanese garden.

As you stroll past carved Buddha statues beneath a luscious canopy of bamboo, you will discover flushes of the Ibiza luxe: in the middle of ancient erotic artifacts and sumptuous furnishings you will spot the most fashionable crowd sipping on one of the many Bambuddha Grove cocktail creations like Karmapirinhas, Bamboozles or Shivalingas.

There are a couple of outdoor oriental sanctuaries that offer a truly extraordinary atmosphere. The Thai building, by the way, is authentic and was especially imported and built by (also imported) architects on the spot. This temple without walls, just a multi-faceted rood and pillars, is one of the architectural sights of the island. The interior is always different, depending on the different bars, rooms, lounges and boutiques that make up the place. You might find yourself in a gorgeous pink setting in the middle of bamboo haven, at a magic red carpet leading you into another magnificent world, or staring in the cold eyes of one of the many stone Buddha’s watching over you.