Fabulous 100

Bar Central

Bar Central is located towards the western-edge of the market, across from a butcher selling pig heads and fruit stand selling juicy purees. The counter-style restaurant offers no more than 25-chairs, which around 1pm become a coveted commodity for the influx of well-read readers that regard the family-operated restaurant a foodie-must.

A daily menu is scribbled on a whiteboard above a sizzling hot grill attended by grandfatherly chefs and staff that communicate in points, grunts and occasionally yells. Meals begin with a paper placematt that slowly gets shoved under limitless glasses of wine followed by regional specialties like an avocado and whitefish salad with dill and capers. Main course is a mishmash of everything seafood with mixed grill plates of shrimp and halibut, heaping of grilled octopus and platters of shellfish slathered in Spanish olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice.