Fabulous 100


Once you make it past the drawbridge of a merciless doorman, only your instincts lead you up and through a series of narrow stairs and velvet curtains until you finally reach a low-lit, slightly barren interior. Entering Bardot feels similar to finding your way into the heart of an ancient castle.

The cold opulence of the room is warmed somewhat by gentle candlelight, soft suede couches and the lively murmur of the beautiful hipster crowd, who, despite being hidden in various nooks and crannies, still manage to remind us that we are, indeed, in Hollywood.  Just when we were starting to believe we had stumbled into an enchanted fortress.

Entertainment rotates nightly, so switch it up or stay faithful. ¬†Either way, you know you will be back for more, throwing your own shadow against Bardot’s sexy amber walls.