Fabulous 100

Berghain Panorama Bar

We can not miss out the trendiest bar in the Berlin from our list, which is none other than the Berghain Panorama.

Located in a former power plant near the “Ostbahnhof” or railway station, this is a huge building with 2 dance floors measuring 18 metres high and mainly comprising steel and concrete. The club has a 1500 tireless party-person capacity promising chilled-out party nights to the beat of the latest house music. On arrival at the club you will see that the queues are endless, and people constantly streaming into the club day and night during the weekend, because the doors are never closed. Inside, you will be carried away with the music and the only thing that will remind you of the time of day is when they occasionally open the windows to momentarily let in some daylight, for the delight of party-goers. This is definitely the club for you if what you’re looking for is to enjoy an authentic and genuine Berlin night