Fabulous 100


Mediterranean’s flashiest nightlife scene offers an all-night dance scene, located on the cliffs above the Gulf of Pevero.

Billionaire is the hottest nightlife venue in Costa Smerelda known for its all-night dance debauchery and summertime home to the Cipriani restaurant.

For most of the year this three-storey villa of thatched roofs and arid landscaping looks like an abandoned shack with stray dogs and barefoot locals. But with a little bit of mood lighting and night-time hocus-pocus the club comes alive from July through September as the hottest social venue in all of Italy. In the early evening during high season, the club is dominated by its two to-be-seen eateries located along the main floor pool terrace and rooftop dining room.

By midnight the club begins to attract bumper-to-bumper Ferraris and Bugati’s to its front door with an influx of bronzed locals strutting their best Cavalli and Dior. The crowd includes Russian billionaires, offspring of Silvio Berlusconi and parade of fashion mogul yacht-hoppers.

An interior dance floor is surrounded by small built-in booths that require advance reservations for the club’s pricey 500-Euro and up, bottle service. The dance floor however, is enveloped in a hurricane of Italian pop and hip-hop anthems by resident DJs, like Andrea Mendoza, that is free for all throughout the summer high season.