Fabulous 100

Caribou Club

A two-handed mahogany-and-brass door leads moneyed guests down a dark staircase into a wood-panelled foyer with western-style artwork and peak-top views of Aspen.

Guests are welcomed with open-arms by a conservative coated attendant who knows most members by name at this $500-a-week membership club. If not arriving for dinner, most people gather in the Great Room featuring a well-stoked fire, fluffy couches and overstuffed chairs adorned with down-blankets for cuddling.  Cuddling they do, this crowd of leggy ski bunnies poured into their chinchillas and fox tails sipping stemmed champagne spritzers while entertaining their 50-something admirers.

For those looking for more of a straightforward bar scene, the adjacent Caribou Bar offers a manly-minded pub environment free of social gossip and blatant social climbing – but then again what fun is that? $500-a-week membership lounge offers peak-season socializing for aging glitterati and rich women looking for their winter boy toy.