Fabulous 100


Located directly on the city’s marina to provide visitors with a stunning view of the ocean as they dance the night away, Catwalk is an epicenter of glory for the dedicated club-goer.

With its killer sound system and stellar DJ lineup to match rotating between world-renowned greats the likes of Bob Sinclair, Roger Sanchez, and more, Catwalk may just blow your mind if you’ll let it. Filled to the brim with hundreds of the most sophisticated locals every week intermixed with a few out-of-towners here and there, Catwalk easily satisfies everyone’s needs by offering the greatest House music in their first floor Main room, and the sickest Hip Hop upstairs in the Sky room. Yet, even with its monstrous size and international recognition that attracts countless guests from across the globe on any given night, Catwalk still manages to maintain that sexy, underground vibe that so many are looking for.