Fabulous 100

Connaught Hotel

For over a hundred years the Connaught has consistently celebrated the good fortune of its priceless location, together with a coveted heritage.

The Connaught is a warm, glowing, elegant London residence,  situated in the most fabulous part of London. It is the jewel in the crown.

Leading interior designers have been commissioned to apply their creativity, while keeping a respectful eye on the hotel’s remarkable legacy, simultaneously entertaining the discerning Connaught Guest with a combination of supreme comfort and luxuriant style.

Today, it has benefited from a finely-tuned restoration, creating a unique, uncluttered and discreetly grand experience – resulting in the ultimate London stay for genuine connoisseurs of luxury.

Skilled artisans have restored and, in several instances, uncovered remarkable original features, while integrating contemporary art and technology in order to make staying at the Connaught an unforgettable experience.