Fabulous 100

Crown Bar

We took a look around the Crown Bar today, the new restaurant/bistro/lounge from the boys behind Winston's and The Dime

There are seats on all sides of the bar, which makes for easy bar eating if you so choose. Chef Chris Ennis, quickly putting his short term at One Sunset behind him (he was at Vibrato before that), came up with an “American bistro” menu, easy noshing food like flat breads with La Quercia prosciutto, burgers, crab and sweet corn fritters, salads. They will take reservations for tables, although some will be held in the later hours for bottle service.

This being a Winston’s sibling, the lounge features prominently (as does the DJ booth) and stays open until 2am, and because several partners are entertainment heavyweights (Andy Fiscella, an actor; Chris Huvane, West Coast editor for GQ; Beau Flynn, a producer), the crowd follows suit.