Fabulous 100

Es Boldado

Cala d’Hort is widely regarded as one of the finest places on Ibizato watch the sun set, which would make Es Boldado one of the best restaurants from which to watch this spectacle.

It does not disappoint. The terrace extends out over the golden sands, towards the West and the menacing, rocky island of Es Vedrà. From here you are rewarded with simply breathtaking views of the cliffs that encircle this quaint beach, complete with old-fashioned fishermen’s huts and a few boats bobbing in the water.

To talk so much about the setting of Es Boldado is really doing an injustice to the food. The location certainly adds to the experience, but it is the menu that attracts so many to this remote spot. Extremely popular with the locals, big groups flock to the restaurant, particularly during the low season, creating a lively “fiesta” atmosphere; do n0t be surprised if you hear Es Boldado before you see it!

The real speciality is their grand selection of paellas, aromatic with saffron and lemon, and teeming with sumptuous seafood and chicken. As far as paella goes, we have not found anywhere on Ibiza to rival this one, especially when washed down with jugs of sangria and a smattering of Ibizan sunset.