Fabulous 100

Fairmont Royal Pavilion Porter

The Royal Pavilion got a royal upgrade courtesy of new owners Fairmont Hotels. The real draw is its plum setting on a pristine half-mile stretch of sand which attracts couples looking for a quiet week of seaside novel reading, freckle gathering, and rum sipping.

In high season, there are few distractions to the business of beachside repose: children are not allowed.

The architects used the setting to their advantage, ensuring that all 77 rooms and their flowering verandas have postcard-perfect oceanfront views. Expect in-room amenities like Wi–Fi, flat screen TVs, and plush beds along with salt-air freshness and a colour scheme that takes its cues from the beachscape. Still a popular choice for vacationing Brits, the Royal Pavilion knows its tea-sandwich audience: guests can enjoy scones under Wedgwood-blue skies that seem only rarely visited by passing dollops of clouds.