Fabulous 100

Funky Buddha

Funky Buddha is an exciting nightclub located in the heart of London that lives up to it's self-given title of funkiness.

Mixing Chinese cuisine with top dance beats and plenty of exquisite cocktail choices, both modern and classic, there is a reason why this classically funky and sophisticated nightclub has seen the star-studded presence of Timberland, Danielle Lloyd, Shaggy, and plenty of hot attractive footballers.

Inside Funky Buddha nightclub with plush square sofas placed around the dance area and the bar on raisers, there are plenty of places for action both on and off the sweaty pulsating areas of the Funky Buddha.

Modern cool, at this  semi-private members club near the Ritz Hotel in London. Various footballer frequent this establishment. Easy reach for all the designer shops, bars, clubs, spas and live music venues.