Fabulous 100

Gianni Pedrinelli

It’s not your usual bling-ridden eatery in Porto Cervo, incognito visitors instead arriving into an elegant but hushed receiving room.

Arguably the most popular restaurant in Sardinia, visitors arrive to this family-style restaurant operated by sibling chefs for a summertime menu that’s one of the most beloved of any Italian resort. Meals traditionally begin at Gianni’s own personally arranged antipasti station with its selection of cured salads, cold seafood and salami wedges that are complimented by homemade breads and local olive oils.

Dinner begins with a treasure trove of appetizers like seafood or beef carpaccio, grilled octopus or more casual field salads preferred by visiting supermodels and actresses. Pasta is served more as a middle course, but can be requested in a bigger portion as a main course with stuffed raviolis and succulent ragus rounding out the menu. Main course tends towards land more than sea with traditional Italian dishes of veal, beef an chicken in rich Madeira and port sauces.

Popular summertime eatery in Porto Cervo offers sibling chefs in former-farmhouse dining room. Gianni Pedrinelliis open from March to October, it sits on the shoulder of the Golfo del Pevero where the emerald of the water meet the beautiful sandy beach of Pevero.
A large stone fireplace overlooks the spacious indoor dining room that sit up to 150 people and offers a variety of selected art pieces including a permanent art show of local and internationally known artists. The restaurant also offers a smaller dinning room for up to 50 people.

During the summer season the dinning is offered on the terraces overlooking the garden where candlelights, moon shadow and flowing curtains will help the magic experience to enhance the night.