Fabulous 100

Green Door

So, it is named after a 1972 porn flick but do not expect any stripper poles and silicon valleys behind this heavily guarded door.

Owner Chris Breed’s charming lounge is Hollywood’s refuge from, Hollywood.  Instead of the vinyl seating, neon lights and overwhelming sound systems, Hollywood hotspots, Green Door’s creative design guru Johnny Zander opted for a décor that is the definition of enchanting. Diners dressed to the nines are seated on velvet couches and brocaded chairs scattered across dark wood-panelled floors.

Blazer-clad modelizers mill around the smoking patio bar and gawk at the tables of young should-be-models munching on heirloom tomato salads. Green velvet curtains with gold tassels frame every archway. Antique-ish oil paintings line every wall,  making partygoers feel like they have luckily crashed a party at a chateau in the French country-side.  DJs spin Sade-ish music until about 11pm when the dining tables are cleared to make room for the dance floor.