Fabulous 100


Whatever your mood KM5 has an area to suit it, from the sumptuous jewel coloured Moroccan tents to the fresh white dining area. This restaurant and lounge bar set within a garden consistently remains one of Ibiza's favourite destinations.

Despite a regular celebrity influx, at KM5 you always get the feeling that no – one comes to be seen – everyone is here simply to enjoy, and the service is wonderful no matter who you are.  Booking ahead is essential as is arriving a little early to down a couple of Mojitos in the garden before the light fades.

The small but totally delicious menu is beautifully presented in a hand-made wooden book and bills are delivered in intricately carved silver boxes.  The food is fresh, clean and simple and brought direct to your table from the open kitchen, and the ambience is amazing.  After dinner, find yourselves a garden corner – and simply soak up this special combination of sensory Ibiza.