Fabulous 100

Louis Lounge

Louis Bar-Lounge is inspired by a royal Parisian palace on a happy acid trip, featuring colour schemes of black lacquered surfaces juxtaposed with eye-popping flashes of bright fuchsia, hot pinks and canary yellows.

French antiques are modernized with brilliant, high gloss facades, while modern lighting fixtures are coupled with vintage crystals and traditional shades. With inspiration drawn from 18th century European opulence, the club’s décor exudes a chic decadence yet sports a few modern twists, such as graffiti art scrawled on the walls, French electro-punk ambiance and a gorgeous staff dressed in military styled uniforms. Approaching the velvet ropes at Louis is not for the faint of heart, so dress you best, put your best foot forward, and, maybe, just maybe, the rope gods will smile upon you for a brief moment.