Fabulous 100

Maria am Ohstbahnhof

Maria am Ohstbahnhof is also a must on our list, a Mecca for fanatics of progressive dance music with its enormous interior comprising several rooms, and located on the bank of the River Spree where you can dance non-stop to the beat of the latest tunes.

One of the trendiest clubs in Berlin, and not only thanks to the quality of music on offer, but also for the attention to detail with the way in which they have decorated the inside of the club. It is a combination of many things at the same time; functional, cold, warm, a bit punk, rock, and everything more. Here you can dance or drink a quiet beer in the garden, contemplate the art exhibition, attend an alternative music concert of all kinds, see a film screening, and choose from an endless variety of beers, cocktails, and drinks. This club plays the best music you can listen to in Berlin, and has the best DJs and producers, converting this bar into one of the most emblematic on the Berlin nightlife scene.