Fabulous 100

Mr Chow

This venerable swinging London import from the 60s is beloved by its many loyalists, although some knowledgeable fans of authentic Chinese cuisine are critical of the high price.

Nonetheless, the garlic noodles, still made in-house by hand, are delicious, and the Peking duck is served in the traditional, centuries-old manner. Gambler’s duck, crispy and redolent of ginger, is similarly served with steamed pancakes and hoisin sauce. Diced squab, eaten folded into lettuce leaves, and black peppered lobster, are other house favourites.

The high profile clientele includes celebrities, entertainment industry movers-and-shakers, and a corps of hip artists and connoisseurs who identify with the owner, designer-painter-collector Michael Chow, a self-proclaimed Renaissance Man. Be forewarned, the dinner you have at Mr. Chow’s can easily turn into one of the most expensive Chinese meals you have ever had.