Fabulous 100

Ocean beach Club Ibiza.

Ocean beach club Ibiza is the newest beach club to open in Ibiza, so we will have to wait and see, how fabulous it is!

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Ibiza’s famous sunsets; the location is much more desirable than the chaotic west end. The pleasant cream and orange décor matches the relaxed and gratifying experience of pool side luxury. Amidst this you will find live music performed by some of the world’s finest artists and the same magnetic feeling that Ibiza itself has.

Ocean Beach Club combines the frenzied live experience of being outdoors with the tranquil harmony of the terrace at Space. It also succeeds in embodying the Ibiza ethos, whilst retaining a unique identity setting it aside from other venues. Seamlessly taking you from dawn until dusk; Ocean Beach Club provides a cohesive experience.

Ocean Beach Ibiza offers a unique VIP package, with a variety of VIP tables and beds throughout the venue, from in the pool to the garden area, depending on what you are looking for, it is unlike anything else on the island. . The day into night concept is one that has taken the island by storm, again, and there is nowhere quite like Ocean Beach to truly appreciate the unique atmosphere of this breathtaking experience.