Fabulous 100


Consider it, the Ibiza cultural museum; a big top oasis of decadent dance halls elaborately decorated in almost hallucinogenic décor, presided over by some of the world’s top electronic DJs.

The epicentre of electronic music, this island outpost of the famed-Pacha chain is perhaps the best known and undoubtedly the most popular. Guests arrive to a circus-like entrance of neon lights and balloons into a central lounge intersected by staircases and corridors leading to five separate dance floors with candy-strewn ceilings and plethora of semi-clothed dancers.

Club founder Ricardo Urgell was inspired by the all-night love affair many Mediterranean residents had with dancing and the new sounds of electronica being created in the region. The club was an immediate success and soon spread to numerous franchise locations throughout Eastern Spain’s Catalan region. It was not until 1973 that Ibiza was garnished with its epic club that has since ruled the island’s nightlife scene with cutting edge DJs and theme parties.

Ibiza dance club offers legendary sound and DJ for electronic music lovers looking to party away the night.