Fabulous 100

Privilege Ibiza

Privilege holds the Guinness world record as 'largest dance club in the world'. The party does not get started until midnight, as summer dance addicts enter a palace like entrance area with ornate staircase that descends directly onto the main dance floor - filled with sweating, stripping singles hypnotized music.

A three-ring circus-like environment features a suspended DJ booth and never-ending stage area leading to various private dance rooms, swimming pool and futuristic lounge area. Large windows and a domed garden offer spectacular views of Ibiza, if eyes ever wander away from the nearly-nude dance display and nightly stage shows.

The party capital of the civilized (or mostly civilized) world attracts an ageless party crowd and celebrities like Puff Daddy, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Jade Jagger to celebrate the never-ending Ibiza night. Get lost in the world’s largest and most-outrageous dance club.