Fabulous 100


Despite the odd location on the ground level of the Met Lofts building,the space designed by Italian Architect, Osvaldo Maiozzi and Designer/Business Partner, Eddie Sotto, is beautiful.

It hasĀ a long, sleek room with ceviche bar and a huge, square communal table at one end. Banquettes hug one long wall beneath a 40-foot electronic mural of evocative and poetic images (Maya ruins, agave, lizards, abstract forms) that dissolve into one another throughout the evening. The small bar features bronze and leather tequila tasting chairs designed by Sotto.

A swatch of banana leaf is unfurled to make a frame around the fluffy tamale studded with braised pork short rib and hedgehog mushrooms. A long roasted chilaca chile pepper marches down a line of juicy Cara Cara orange slices in a vinaigrette infused with black garlic. A rectangular plate with an inset the size of a cigarette pack holds flavourful grilled quail, slivered oyster mushrooms and black beans with a hint of sweetness and smoke.