Fabulous 100

Sai Sai Restaurant

Sai Sai’s menu is an exercise in culinary play.

Tucked inside the Millenium Biltmore Hotel, this sophisticated restaurant stands out with i’ts adventurous gastronomic creations,  Zen-inspired décor, and eager staff.  Chef David Bartnes has crafted a daring Asian fusion menu, seamlessly blending distinctive regional cuisines into a global pastiche that is both strikingly original and evocatively familiar.

Exotic experiments like Kobe Short Ribs with Potato Gnocchi or the pairing of maguro sashimi with caramelized pear are surprising and satisfying. With noteworthy lunchtime bento boxes, prix fixe menus for theatre goers, and in-house infused sakes, Sai Sai supplies a variety of tantalizing dining options.