Fabulous 100

Sanderson Hotel

Sanderson London pairs the world-famous Ian Schrager and Philippe Starck - and their fun, fashion-influenced take on design with their classic building.

This first of its kind “Urban Spa” is a magnificent landmark property with a spectacularly landscaped interior courtyard that opens to the sky and is surrounded by guestrooms. The property combines modern and classic elements to create a one-of-a-kind oasis and refuge in the middle of bustling London.

With the absence of “normal” walls and a floor-to-ceiling glass facade that diffuses natural light through flowing layers of ethereal sheer curtains, Sanderson’s indoor/outdoor lobby is a layered and sophisticated environment that is totally original. Surrounding an extraordinary landmark Courtyard Garden designed by Philip Hicks, Philippe Starck’s visionary style mixes baroque and modern, juxtaposing Salvador Dali’s curvaceous red lips sofa with classic 60s mosaics and hand-carved African furniture with an oversized Louis XV armoire. The result blends wit, magic and surprise in an elegant balancing act of extravagance and pure simplicity.

Retreat to the private Courtyard Garden, a lush open-air oasis brimming with flowering trees, fountains, mosaics and a reflecting pool. Guests can drink, dine or simply relax in this private sanctuary that is unique in all of London.

The Billiard Room at Sanderson London has a low-key clubby vibe and features an antique silver-leafed billiard table, whimsical, lodge-like antler furniture and original 1950s stained glass designed by John Piper, one of the most noted British artists of the 20th Century.