Fabulous 100

Sky Bar

The Miami Beach version of Skybar, located at the Shore Club hotel, is well on its way to reaching this same celebrated status. They hit you with such a sensory overload, from the extraordinary décor, colour and lighting to the moneyed, manicured, model-rich clientele that you almost forget the drinks are too pricey.

Whatever, Skybar is ultimate a gorgeous Moroccan-themed open-air hideaway at the Shore Club Hotel, close to the beach and incorporating two swimming pools with several secluded nooks to sip your flavoured Martini. Keep your feet on the ground – or reach for the Sky. Skybar has a whole host of lounging areas that satisfy even those desiring the most intimate of surroundings. Either way, definitely be on the lookout for their speciality cocktails—our favourite is the Passionata served in a flute with a strawberry garnish.