Fabulous 100

Standard Hotel

Opened in October 2008 on the border of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, SLS has a name that stands for "whatever you want it to mean," a front desk clerk told me

The restaurants are designed by Spanish chef Jose Andres, retail space curated by design purveyor Moss, and uniforms created by French designer Pascal Humbert, the hotel spares nothing when it comes to looks. Everywhere you turn there is something to grab your attention: a pool table on every floor, fireplaces, and a lamp with a base shaped like an AK-47 in the lobby. One person’s idea of high design may be another’s sensory overload.

The hotel has a 6th-floor pool and terrace “crafted as an outdoor living room,” according to the hotel’s website, but outdoor living rooms apparently are not for swimming – one pool is no deeper than a puddle and filled with furniture. Rooms are a fairly spacious 400 sq.ft.