Fabulous 100

Surfer’s Bay Silver Sands

This is the island's beach bar par excellence. Steve Campbell, one of Barbados' top competitive kite surfers, opened this classic open-air quaffing ground using whatever materials he could find near the shore

Tables are made from driftwood, dangling light fixtures are housed in woven twigs, and walls are ornamented with surfboards. And the place’s moniker is not a gimmick: mellow and welcoming, this is the choice nightspot for local surfers.

Perched on sweeping stretch of Silver Sands Beach, Surfer’s Bay is not a well-trammeled tourist spot. While even seasoned cab drivers may not know about the place’s whereabouts, its discovery is a treat worthy of a celebratory cocktail (hint: order the piƱa colada: they’re fresh, creamy and potent). A chill perch for a sunset drink, the place often sails jubilantly into the wee hours of the night.