Fabulous 100

The Angler’s

Nestled deep just off Washington Avenue one would not expect to find a more unique collection of accommodation and lushly landscaped atmosphere that promises to instill a sense of relaxation the moment you enter.

Privacy by design, on rooftop terraces, private gardens and private Jacuzzis. The pool is a perfect retreat to bask in by sun or moon. Unlike most hotels, at the Angler’s you will instantly feel as though you are in a friend’s home, with furnishings, fixtures and services that meet the expectations of even the most discerning traveller. Stay a night or week or longer. This is your new home away from home. Four legged friends are also welcome. Choose your suite for the perfect retreat for family, friends, honeymoon, baby moon, girlie getaway, business trip, long holiday, special occasion or just a break from the ordinary.

This is a charming and lovely taste of the tropics, as never before seen on South Beach. With a subtle mix of international flavour and stylish clientele from all parts of the globe. The hotel is most prominent yet discreet. Beautiful energies flow amongst towering suites, garden lounge and the intimate communal pool whether relaxing or growing your circle of friends.

Style: Classic Luxury