Fabulous 100

The Forge

From the moment you pull up, you can’t help but notice the flock of Rolls Royce’s and Porsche’s outside the faux castle frontage perched on conservative 41st Street.

The Forge is one of the most visually surreal sites in South Beach, the hedonistic capital of Miami. Right out of an 80’s mobster flick, this garish place is brimming with decadently large parties of wealthy families, local politicians, and a new breed of sleek South Beach social climbers.

Some come to savor the acclaimed “Super steak”; others come to dine on less indulgent items such as The Forge’s fabulous stone crabs or other seafood specialties. It is a steakhouse, though, and the inebriated crowd can attest to the fact that this is not the place to exercise moderate living. If blatant intoxication is not your thing, The Forge also boasts one of the city’s most impressive extensive wine lists, with spectacular selections by the glass.