Fabulous 100

The Mandala Hotel

Berlin, a city with an old soul and a cutting-edge outlook: it's the perfect place for The Mandala Hotel. The trendy minimalist decor will appeal to fans of modern design, but the Mandala knows it's not all about looks. Friendly staff ensure that you're comfortable and happy, and views of Potsdamer Platz keep you rooted the reality of your urban surroundings.

Returning after a day of sightseeing, or exploring Berlin’s restaurants, shops, and galleries, entering one of the Mandala’s 157 suites will feel like coming home. One in five guests stays at the Mandala for longer than four weeks, and you’ll quickly understand why. Luxury is an integral part of staying here, where suites offer bright, aesthetically pleasing space. And nightly whiskey sours at the Qiu Bar, stylish meals at Facil, and the pampering treatments at the hotel’s ONO Spa are constant pleasures of life at this urban retreat.