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The Ritz Paris

Opened in 1898 by Cesar Ritz, this is probably the world’s most famous hotel this palace (as the Parisians call their most luxurious hotels) retains its cachet as the last word in hotel grandeur–Hemingway said he hoped heaven would be as good.

The rooms are impeccably luxurious and range in style from Louis XV to Second Empire. Check into a room overlooking the place Vendome and then run down to the Hemingway Bar for a cocktail before dining at L’Espadon. To work it all off the next day, check out the Ritz’s superb swimming pool and health club. Since the eighteenth century (1764 approximately), this former royal abode was transformed into a hotel and started welcoming guests passing through Fontainebleau for short stays.

Many famous personalities over the last fifty years, from heads of state to members of royal families, artists or business men and women who have come to seek calm or inspiration.

Style: Super  Luxury