Fabulous 100


The owner of the Ibizan club ‘Underground Ibiza’, Nick Fry, prides himself on purposefully avoiding promotion, sponsorship and advertising.

Lewis Digby, spokesman for the Underground, says they will not be publicizing any of their events in the traditional fashion. There will be no billboards, no posters, no flyers, no pushy PRs on commission, no hard sell from ticket sellers in the port, no blanket media coverage, no full page spreads in magazines, no exorbitant cover charges, no nothing.     

Mr C will be back doing his super freaky thing, but the night has yet to be chosen. Matthew Bushwacka, in town recently for a rowdy stag do, will also be playing, as will other house luminaries Craig Richards and Doc Martin. When you ask? You will just have to wait for a beep from your mobile phone.

“We won’t be having specific nights, it’ll just be random,” explains Lewis. “We’re doing it all ourselves, there won’t be any outside promoters coming in. It’s all going to be SMS texting so you’ll be on the beach and you’ll get text that says “Doc Martin on tonight, two till six or whenever”.