Fabulous 100

Wispers Bridgetown

This alfresco lounge doesn't just whisper, it screams South Beach. The place feels so much like Miami's Shore Club, you almost expect to see J. Lo traipsing in with a trail of paparazzi.

Wooden cabanas draped in billowing, gauzy fabrics are set amidst lushly landscaped gardens lit with tiki torches. Ambient grooves swell at a languid pace.

The imposing bouncer at the entrance gives the place an almost forbidding aura of exclusivity. The place strives aggressively—and indiscreetly—for discretion. But despite its try-hard attempts at cosmopolitan-style debauchery, Wispers is the swankiest (and most gorgeous) midnight game on the island luring the lissome and stilettoed. Have your concierge help you figure out how to get on the list.