Fabulous 100

Zen Restaurant Crane Beach

This upscale resto serves up the best Asian on the island.

Inside, all is lacquered black surfaces and low lighting. Glass walls spoil diners (from hushed couples to groups of raucous, sake-sipping friends) with spectacular views of Crane Beach, and the slippers of kimono-clad waitresses whisper across burnished floors. Although the executive chef hails from Vietnam, the menu focuses on Thai and Japanese dishes. The latter is particularly standout with the ready availability of sushi-grade fish.

The Chirashi—the chef’s 10-piece selection of sashimi atop a bowl of rice—gives Nobu a run for its money. Spicy tuna and spicy hamachi maki are equally top-notch. But for those still phobic of the raw stuff, Thai food (panang curries, pad thais) is fire-licked and artistically served on rectangular white plates. Large parties should book the traditional-style tatami room; diners leave their footwear at the entrance.

Open Mondays and Wednesdays through Sundays 6 to 10:30 pm.